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Recession-Proofed: Tips for Azle, TX Small Businesses to Stay Afloat

No one likes to think about an economic downturn, but the truth is that it is always a possibility, and there's a strong potential we're headed toward one now. While we can't control when or if a recession will happen, we can control how prepared our businesses are if one does occur. Here are some tips from the Azle Area Chamber of Commerce on how small business owners can prepare for an economic downturn.

Focus on Cutting Costs and Debt

One of the best things you can do to prepare your small business for an economic downturn is to reduce your debt and cut your expenses. This will help you to weather any potential storms and keep your business afloat during tough times. Try to pay off any outstanding debt and cut unnecessary costs so that you can save money.

During this process, take some time to organize your financial documents. When business is busy, it’s easy to set organization to the wayside. But when you need to identify areas where you can cut back, clearly organized files can really help. If you have files that contain data on vendors or expense types that would best be filed separately, this PDF splitter is a free tool that can help you pull apart and store those pages separately. Just drop in the file and use the divider lines to identify which parts you’d like to extract. Then, save those new files in the appropriate areas. 

Change Up Invoicing to Expedite Payments

Another way to prepare your small business for an economic downturn is to update your invoicing system. Yay Pay explains that this will help you to get paid quicker and improve your cash flow. Make sure that you send invoices out as soon as possible and follow up quickly if they are not paid on time. You may also want to consider offering discounts for early payments as well as designate late fees. 

Is it Time for a New Business Designation?

If your small business is currently designated as a sole proprietorship, you may be able to save money by changing your designation to a partnership or corporation. A sole proprietorship is the simplest and most common form of business structure, but it also offers the least amount of protection for the owner. A partnership or corporation can offer more protection and tax benefits than a sole proprietorship.

Try to Retain Your Best Employees

In times of economic uncertainty, it is especially important to keep your best employees. These are the people who will help you weather the storm and come out the other side stronger than ever. There are ways you can support your employees even when times are lean, according to Vantage Point. Show your employees that you value them by offering competitive salaries and benefits, maintaining open communication, and providing opportunities for growth and development. If you can't offer more money, look for other ways to keep them happy. This can be with gift cards, random half-days or prepared lunches.

You May Need to Move

If you want to save money, one way to do so is by changing your workspace. For example, you may want to switch from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an online store or move from full-time office space to a coworking space. By making changes like these, you can reduce your overhead costs and save money.

Devise New Revenue Streams

A recession is a good time to get creative and come up with new revenue streams. If you can diversify your income sources, you will be in a better position to weather any financial storms that come your way. Think about ways that you can offer new products or services or reach new markets. Now is the time to get creative!

Retool Your Marketing Campaign

Finally, you may want to consider retooling your marketing campaign. This doesn't mean that you need to spend more money on marketing; instead, focus on being more efficient and effective with your marketing budget. Make sure that you are reaching your target market and consider using lower-cost marketing channels such as social media or email marketing.

Be Prepared

If a recession does hit, these tips will help ensure that your small business is prepared. From reducing debt and expenses to updating invoicing, using splitters to organize your files, and retooling your marketing campaign, there are many things you can do to weather the storm. The most important thing is to stay positive and keep moving forward—your company will come out the other side stronger than ever before!


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