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Use These Tips to Get Your Creative Efforts Noticed


Getting noticed is essential for success as a creative, but it's easier said than done. If you want to expand your fan base and make your passion your full-time job, you must dedicate significant time to putting your name out there. Fortunately, the following tips from the Azle Area Chamber of Commerce can help.

Plan Your Marketing

When you hear the word "marketing," you probably think of people in business suits pushing a product. However, everyone can benefit from marketing — especially people in the creative sector. To get people excited about your music, writing, craft, or art, create a marketing plan that fits your unique needs:

  • Write down concrete goals

  • Examine your budget

  • Learn about your audience


Create a Website

A professional website is perfect for showcasing your work. For example, you can create an online portfolio for interested consumers and even attract a new audience with search engine optimization. Even if you don't have experience with website development, you can create a top-tier site with a content management platform. Don't forget to purchase a domain name that makes you easy to find.


Post on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for creatives, as platforms reach an enormous audience. In fact, the MarketingProfs report that social media is the primary brand discovery source for 55% of consumers. Of course, simply making an account isn't enough — you have to work these platforms like it's your job. Fortunately, there are plenty of proven tips to boost engagement and your visibility:

  • Post on a regular schedule

  • Make high-quality content

  • Determine optimal post times

  • Try trends

  • Utilize hashtags


Revamp Your Resume

A well-crafted resume can help you stand out from other candidates when applying for creative positions on a corporate level. The following are great tips for revamping your resume if it's been a while:

  • Avoid first-person point of view

  • Use proper grammar and spelling

  • Format consistently

  • Be creative in your style to reflect your work and industry

  • Use active language

  • Limit your resume to one page


Additionally, having your resume as a PDF is a good idea since most operating systems can open this file type. When you need to update the document, you can use this PDF editor. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or industry professional to review your resume before you send it out. They can use the PDF editor to add comments directly on the draft before you revise and submit it.


Utilize Analytic Tools

Many social media platforms offer analytic tools for business profiles. This software allows you to see several key metrics:

  • Number of comments, likes, and other engagements

  • Number of views

  • Demographic information


This data allows you to compare posts and see what your audience likes. The more your content aligns with audience interest, the more attention you'll get.


Form a Limited Liability Company

Incorporating is an excellent way to promote your brand, as it provides a public record of your legitimacy. Many small business owners choose LLCs since they offer several benefits:

  • Flexible ownership

  • Great tax advantages

  • Limited personal liability


Some people hire a lawyer or formation service to register, but the paperwork is straightforward enough that many business owners file it themselves. Requirements vary by state, so research before taking this step. If you do choose to use a formation service, read through some reputable review sites first to ensure you find one that is a good fit for you and your business.


Sell Merch

Merchandise is a win-win for creators and fans alike: Creators get monetary support, and fans get to rep their favorite bands, artists, and writers. Additionally, merch means more visibility as strangers see your name and logo in online feeds or out on the town. To get the most out of your merchandise, Shopify encourages you to follow these tips:

  • Gauge demand with preorders

  • Choose products that make sense for your brand

  • Promote on your social media


Invest Time into What Matters

Promoting yourself as a creative takes investment, but the results are worth your time. With the right approach, you can grow your newly-formed LLC and follow your bliss. But make sure that you invest time into the people around you through networking and social media connections. You’ll find that with the right cultivation, those relationships can do a lot to build your business and your reputation.


Photo Credit: Werlly Meira via Pexels

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